HMR010 – Hard Music Crew – Immortal / Aeon EP – Release Date: 22.12.2011

Here it is Hard Music Records Number 10!

The Hard Music Records Crew teamed up to put out a four track EP!

A1. Hard Music Crew – Immortal (Aron Setha Mix) ft Claire

A2. Hard Music Crew – Immortal (Paulistos Mix) ft Mc Dart & Claire

B1. Hard Music Crew – Aeon (Alpha & Omega Mix)

B2. Hard Music Crew – Aeon (Star Driver Mix) ft Claire

Two mixes of the piece Immortal on the A side, one by Aron Setha feat. Claire, the other by Paulistos feat. MC Dart & Claire. While the second mix by Paulistos, which is quite melodical and pushing, will get any dancefloor rockin in a glance, Arons Mix comes to you a little rougher and goes from the ear right to the movement cortex in your brain!

The flip side carries two versions of Aeon. Alpha & Omega come up with a rough mix that bears a great kick and is less melodical than Star Drivers mix, which is also a really nice piece with a bouncy Hardstyle Kick, and quite trancy synthies. After all the whole production is as solid as previous Hard Music Records’ releases.

This meanwhile well established label really continues to impress with everything they put on the Market!
Keep pushing boyz!

Hard Music Crew- Immortal (Aron Setha Mix)
Hard Music Crew- Immortal (Paulistos Mix) ft Mc Dart & Claire
Hard Music Crew- Aeon (Star Driver Mix) ft Claire
Hard Music Crew- Aeon (Alpha & Omega Mix)

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