We are always looking for new talents, but before you send your stuff please check our requirements:

  • Listen carefully to your music and verify that it fits our label’s sound.
  • We only accept demos containing more than three (3) tracks.
  • The recommended file type is .mp3 (mpeg 3) with a minimum quality of 320 kbps.
  • If any songs you send us  infringe the international law of copyrights, the damage caused will be at your own risk.
  • Send us unmastered tracks – This way our engineer can provide us with a better judgement and the possibilities of improving it. Also avoid any kind of digital or analogic clipping.
  • You need to have the project files backup of your tracks, for any future remix, remaster, etc.

So if you match these points let´s hear what u got. If not, just….

Keep producing, don’t give up and love the music!

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You can provide us the files by:

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The informations filled above are confidential and are directed straight to our engineer.
So, be sure that your tracks are in good and reliable hands.

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