Angels & Demons CD – Release Date: 06.10.2013

We´re releasing an album for the Angels & Demons event.

Check out the full tracklist here and be sure you get your copy at your favourite store.


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HMR026 – The Raven – Chaos – Release: 07.10.2013

The first release by our dutch talent The Raven is coming with a Raw banger “Chaos”.

A1. The Raven – Chaos


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The Raven – Time (ft. D-mon)

Here´s another free release for reaching

20.000 likes on our Facebook page.

The Raven – Time (ft. D-mon)

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HMR025 – Sephyx – Revenge EP – Release: 06th June 2013

The first release by Sephyx contains 3 hard, fresh and great tracks!

Together with The Raven, Sephyx created this massive EP

Check out these huge tracks straight from the Dutch lands.
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Anderson T – The Wall – HMR024 – Release Date: 16.05.2013

Italian Hardstyle Lovers get involved!!!!

Anderson T returns with a massive and energetic tune “The Wall”

Check it out right here!!

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HMR023 – D-Mon – Lullaby – Release Date: 02.05.2013

D-Mon – Lullaby – You don´t want to miss this raw bombs!!!

Check the previews here…

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HMR022 – High Level – House Some More – Release Date: 18.04.2013

HMR022 – High Level’s 2nd EP with 3 new & fresh tunes.

This 3 tracker will definetely get your feets off the ground!
High Level Style!

Check it out!

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HMRB003 – Exagon – Dirty Trash – Release Date: 04.04.2013

Italian Hardcore strikes back!!!

Exagon, Da Boomer & Reject with 3 banging tunes on our upcoming Hardcore EP.

Check It Here…

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HMR021 – Ncrypta – The Sandman – Release Date: 21.03.2013

We like to present the first Ncrypta release to you, containing 4 tracks which characterise Ncrypta’s raw sounds.

Hitman (Original), Hitman (Stormtroopers Sniper Mix), The Sandman (Original) and The Sandman (Evil Edit) is really something else.

Raw sounds and industrial hardcore!
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HMR020 – Procyon – Multitude – Release: 15.02.2013

Another 3 track floorfilling EP from our own Procyon coming your way. This time a more energetic, rougher and expirimental masterpiece.

Multitude will take you on a musical journey of raw kicks, dark sounds an uplifting melodies, guided by perfectly fitting vocals.

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